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Ling Ling is a unique destination lounge and dining experience by Hakkasan. Featuring Asian-inspired dishes meant to be shared and an extensive drinks menu, exquisite dining space and an eclectic, high energy soundtrack, Ling Ling is designed to evolve from drinking to dining to dancing – in no particular order. Ling Ling Mexico City is located on the 56th floor of Chapultepec Uno, a mixed-use, 58-story skyscraper that is just steps away from popular landmarks such as Diana the Huntress Fountain and the Angel of Independence. The restaurant, located above the Ritz-Carlton, sits in the heart of the historic Reforma neighborhood and features 360-degree views of Mexico City. The restaurant aims to create an alluring and versatile atmosphere that invites guests to extend their stay from day to night, enjoying a relaxed and fascinating experience featuring the most stunning views in the city. The interior lounge and dining area sit under a vaulted structure set in stereotomy that becomes the perfect stage for long lunches that later evolve into drinks and dinner. Full of lush greenery, the terrace is the heart of the restaurant creating an ambiance hard to imagine on the 56th floor of the tower. The terrace’s triple height acts as a surprise to its guests and the glazed atrium structure creates best-in-the-city urban scape panoramas.

Miso Glazed Seabass


Ling Ling, a destination dining Asian infusion restaurant brings together taste, sight and sound. The essence of Ling Ling reinterprets Japan’s bustling Izakaya scene that pairs craft spirits with small plates and balances it with Cantonese and other cultures’ cuisine.

Ling Ling is a culturally rich, multi-sensory, dining and late-night party experience. Come for evenings to be remembered, and late nights to be sometimes forgotten.

The cuisine embraces small plates designed for sharing that bring an enlightening to the party atmosphere. An eclectic soundtrack of electronic and pop music completes the social experience that is designed to evolve throughout the night, taking its guests from dining to eating to drinking to dancing.

Whether they stay for one drink or for the whole evening, guests leave Ling Ling with a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment that stays with them long after they have left, like the echo of a bell.


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Ling Ling Mexico City

Ling Ling
Paseo de la Reforma 509, floor 56
Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

General Inquiries: 55 5919 1559

Press Inquiries: [email protected]


Opening to the public October 28
Reservations begin October 4

Hours of operation (beginning October 28):
Monday – Sunday: 1pm until late